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The Future of Business Growth with Julia Sexton (Ep. 13)

The Future of Business Growth with Julia Sexton (Ep. 13)

Want to know what sets successful businesses apart? 

Join us in the latest SRG Off Script episode, where Julia Sexton, Director of Strategic Organizational Planning at Succession Resource Group, unravels the complexities of strategic organizational planning. David and Julia’s conversations offer invaluable insights for independent advisors aiming to boost their business value, growth, and sustainability.

Key Highlights:

  • Discover how nurturing talent fuels business expansion
  • Dive into the secrets of effective compensation plans that drive success
  • Uncover how the right mix of incentives can keep top talent thriving
  • Find out how intangible rewards can drive real business impact
  • Explore innovative strategies for employee motivation and engagement
  • Learn how smart vesting aligns with company growth and employee loyalty
  • Discover the transformative potential of equity plans in shaping business futures
  • And much more!


Connect with David Grau Jr.:

Connect with Julia Sexton:

About Julia Sexton: 

Julia, SRG’s Director of Strategic Organizational Planning since 2023, specializes in guiding clients toward long-term success through tailored contingency and employment programs. With a comprehensive approach, she crafts individualized employee and owner compensation plans, structures equity rewards for sustained business goals, and supports growth initiatives through entity formation and M&A. Drawing on 5 years of experience as a certified business appraiser, Julia has completed over 2,000 valuations and facilitated 200+ successful mergers. Holding a CVA designation and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire, Julia is a member of NACVA. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, she enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and golden retriever, engaging in competitive CrossFit, and unwinding on the beach with a good book.

Advisor NextGen Talent Sourcing and Training Strategies (Ep. 11)

Advisor NextGen Talent Sourcing and Training Strategies (Ep. 11)

The financial advisory industry is currently facing a significant challenge. The average age of advisors is increasing, and there is a pressing need for new talent. Many advisors struggle with building a team and transitioning their businesses to the next generation.

In this episode David Grau Jr. interviews Jon Randall, an advisor and consultant, about the importance of finding, training, and compensating next generation advisors in the financial advisory industry. They discuss the challenges of building a team and transitioning businesses to the next generation, emphasizing the need for training programs focused on the business owner aspect. They also explore the benefits of hiring and training raw talent, as well as the importance of incentives and clear career paths in retaining talent. 

David and Jon discuss: 

  • Benefits of homegrown talent and training individuals in-house
  • Strategies for finding and attracting talent, including networking events and internships
  • The importance of offering competitive salaries and incentives to attract and retain talent
  • The need for a clear career path and advancement opportunities within a firm
  • Training and developing junior advisors, including specialization and working in teams
  • The challenge of founders letting go and allowing junior advisors to take the lead
  • And more!



Connect with David Grau Jr.:

About our Guest: 

XFA.COACH – eXtraordinary Financial Advisors is a distinctive coaching and consulting firm committed to providing financial advisors a specialized and proven approach to eXtraordinary growth and profitability.


Creating a Winning Compensation Plan (Ep. 10)

Creating a Winning Compensation Plan (Ep. 10)

Ever wondered why top financial advisors stay loyal to their firms or jump ship? 

Dive into this episode where David Grau Jr. unravels the mysteries of compensation in the financial advisory industry. Discover the pitfalls of traditional revenue-based models and the power of intentional design in compensation plans. Don’t miss this deep dive if you want to ensure your business’s success!

David discusses:

  • The evolution of compensation models: Lifestyle practice vs. true enterprise
  • The drawbacks of traditional revenue-based compensation systems
  • The critical role of benchmarking and recalibrating compensation plans
  • And much more…


About David: 

David Grau Jr. is the founder and CEO of Succession Resource Group, a succession and M&A consulting company for advisors. Prior to launching SRG, David was the leading M&A consultant for a well-known succession planning firm to advisors where he led and developed numerous programs for RIAs. Prior to this role, David served in the United States Navy.

David is a published author and accomplished speaker and has been interviewed and cited in dozens of publications over the last decade. He is currently one of the leading speakers in the financial services industry on M&A and next-gen building strategies, with over 200 presentations to his credit. In the past five years, he has spoken at a variety of the industry’s leading firms, including LPL Financial Services, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise Financial, ING, Independent Financial Group, Geneos, Swan Global, Advisor Group, Fidelity, Jackson National, Prudential, Raymond James, and regularly volunteers his time speaking for the Financial Services Institute (FSI) and FPA chapters around the country.

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Portland State University and has a Master’s Degree from Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management. David, his wife Kristen and their three children are long-time residents of Portland, Oregon, but take every opportunity to travel.

Fun Facts: David enjoys spending time with his family, reading, running, is an avid wine enthusiast and developing a taste for cigars, loves traveling, reading, he also enjoys snow and water sports and loves basketball (playing or watching). Prior to having three children and starting a business David had a beautiful head of hair. Now he doesn’t.