Month: June 2023

How Much is Your Financial Practice Worth? (Ep. 7)

How Much is Your Financial Practice Worth? (Ep. 7)

Unleash the true value of your business and pave the path to lasting success! Selling your business requires more than just looking at profits and client numbers. Join us as we uncover the key to understanding what truly makes your business successful and how future owners can sustain that triumph. 

In this episode, David Grau Jr. and Ryan Grau, CVA, CBA explore the reality of evaluating a business as a financial advisor and how to determine the value of a business even after selling it. They dive into key performance indicators a buyer focuses on when the future of a business and its value after the sale.

In this episode, you’ll gain invaluable insights on:

  • The specific metrics that determine the evaluation of a firm, tailored to its unique size
  • The hidden power of employee and business framework synergy, which significantly enhances the value of your business
  • The critical sources of growth within your business and how they impact its overall worth
  • Why relationship-based businesses thrive on active engagement with clients and their network
  • And much more!


Connect with David:

Connect with Ryan Grau:

About our Guest: 

Ryan Grau earned his Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) credential and Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) credential from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) and Institute of Business Appraisers respectively. He’s currently a candidate for the Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) credential. Ryan’s also certified by the Appraisal Foundation on the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and has been admitted multiple times as an expert witness by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as well as various state judicial authorities.

Ryan’s an industry authority on value and valuation of investment advisory, wealth management, and insurance-based businesses. He’s performed thousands of valuation in the last ten years for various purposes such as mergers, acquisitions, charitable gifting, granting shares, divorces, damage claims resulting from breach of contract, C-S Corp. election, estate tax, and institutional lending. Ryan authored, as well as contributed to, various industry publications and best-selling books on the topics of succession planning, valuation, and acquisition of independent financial service and advisory practices.  In 2018, Ryan was recognized as one of the NACVA’s top 40 Under Forty honorees for his accomplishments and contributions to the profession.

Expanding Your Practice: Key Tips (Ep. 6)

Expanding Your Practice: Key Tips (Ep. 6)

There may be something comforting about selling your practice to someone you know, someone already working with you, but what makes that a better option than selling to a third party?

In this episode, David Grau Jr. dives into the complexities of expanding your business and what to consider when looking at next gen talent. He offers some tips on mentoring, training and the importance of intentionality. 

David discusses: 

  • What to consider when looking to sell or expand your practice 
  • How to create sustainable growth in the advisor space
  • Navigating the complexities of expanding across your advisors, what to consider and how 
  • What it takes to create the most well rounded team based on your expectations
  • And more!


Connect with David:

About David: 

David Grau Jr. is the founder and CEO of Succession Resource Group, a succession and M&A consulting company for advisors. Prior to launching SRG, David was the leading M&A consultant for a well-known succession planning firm to advisors where he led and developed numerous programs for RIAs. Prior to this role, David served in the United States Navy.

David is a published author and accomplished speaker and has been interviewed and cited in dozens of publications over the last decade. He is currently one of the leading speakers in the financial services industry on M&A and next-gen building strategies, with over 200 presentations to his credit. In the past five years, he has spoken at a variety of the industry’s leading firms, including LPL Financial Services, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise Financial, ING, Independent Financial Group, Geneos, Swan Global, Advisor Group, Fidelity, Jackson National, Prudential, Raymond James, and regularly volunteers his time speaking for the Financial Services Institute (FSI) and FPA chapters around the country.

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Portland State University and has a Master’s Degree from Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management. David, his wife Kristen and their three children are long-time residents of Portland, Oregon, but take every opportunity to travel.

Fun Facts: David enjoys spending time with his family, reading, running, is an avid wine enthusiast and developing a taste for cigars, loves traveling, reading, he also enjoys snow and water sports and loves basketball (playing or watching). Prior to having three children and starting a business David had a beautiful head of hair. Now he doesn’t.