Strategies for Building Enduring Wealth Advisory Firms With Ray Sclafani Part 2 (Ep. 20)

Strategies for Building Enduring Wealth Advisory Firms With Ray Sclafani Part 2 (Ep. 20)

Finding talent can be hard. But you don’t always need to find it, with the right approach you can develop it within anybody.

This episode is a continuation of David Grau Jr.’s conversation with  Ray Sclafani, Founder and CEO at ClientWise, LLC. Join them as they’re dedicated to uncovering the secrets behind flourishing financial advisory firms as they explore the synergy of digital marketing, the power of client referrals, and the benefits of strategic partnerships. Ray’s knowledge in talent development shines as he discusses innovative onboarding and training strategies, that ensure new hires evolve into valuable assets. Buckle up for a knowledge-filled discussion on the complexities of talent acquisition and team building to ultimately create a robust and dynamic workforce.

Listen as Ray discusses: 

  • Sustainable growth strategies for financial advisory firms
  • Digital marketing, AI, and client advocates
  • Talent acquisition and onboarding
  • And more


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About Ray Sclafani: 

Ray Sclafani is the founder and CEO of ClientWise, which provides elite coaching programs and consulting exclusively for the financial services industry. Ray’s passion for serving leaders, advisors, and companies in the financial services sector is reflected in ClientWise, its unique coaching programs, and its team of credentialed coaches.

Ray’s experience as a coaching and consulting specialist in the financial sector mirrors his long and profitable history in the industry. 

As a complement to his coaching skills, he holds a Master’s Certification in Neuro-Linguistics from the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has participated in The Strategic Coach® Program for 17 years.

Ray’s expertise as a coach and trainer is recognized and sought out by leaders within the profession. Through ClientWise, he has provided coaching or created and presented workshops for, among others, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, LPL, Raymond James Financial, Ameriprise, and Northwestern Mutual. In addition, he has spoken on request to major industry conferences and company events for firms such as Merrill Lynch for their Diversity & Training programs, LPL, Morgan Stanley Institutes Conferences, Raymond James, FSC Securities, as well as the FPA National Conference, John Hancock Funds Wholesaler Conference, Nationwide Financial Summit Sales Conference, MetLife Presidents’ Conference, Northwestern Mutual Forum, Northwestern Mutual Annual Meeting, Barron’s Winner’s Circle Summit, and Barron’s Top Advisory Teams Summit.

He has been interviewed and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Planning magazine, and Registered Rep, to name a few. Ray’s book, “You’ve Been Framed: How to Reframe Your Wealth Management Business and Renew Client Relationships,” was published by Wiley in 2015.

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