Can’t Find Top Talent? No Problem, You Can ‘Build’ It! (Ep. 18)

Can’t Find Top Talent? No Problem, You Can ‘Build’ It! (Ep. 18)

Do you ever look at some of the industry’s most successful advisory firms and wonder, “Where are they finding top talent?”

After looking under the hood, guess what we found? They don’t find top talent. They build it!

Get ready to adapt to a new paradigm of talent management, as David Grau Jr. encourages listeners to rethink how they mentor, train, and compensate the next generation of talent. You will discover a systematic and scalable approach to cultivating talent and building a seamless succession plan.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How compensation and recruiting have evolved over the past 20 years
  • Building an integrated team and what it means to hire “hunters” vs. “farmers”
  • The uncomfortable, but incredibly rewarding, transition from advisor to CEO
  • The BBP (base, bonus, profits) compensation model that is relevant today
  • An actionable plan to nurture new interns into your most trusted advisors
  • And much more!

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