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The Founder’s Exit Paradox with Jerome Myers (Ep.17)

The Founder’s Exit Paradox with Jerome Myers (Ep.17)

Many Advisors dedicate their lives to building their companies. But what happens after they exit their business?

The transition can be fraught with unexpected emotional challenges that are often overlooked!

Get ready to address the “founder’s exit paradox” with David Grau Jr. and guest Jerome Myers, founder of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group. They shed light on the difficulties that come with stepping away from a business you’ve poured your heart into and how to navigate the journey toward a fulfilling post-exit life.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Jerome’s story of exiting Corporate America
  • What is the “founder’s exit paradox” and how does it affect business owners
  • Why it’s normal to feel empty or lost after a business exit
  • Six centers of doubt that every business owner may experience after selling a business
  • The N.E.X.T. formula to find purpose post-exit
  • Proactive measures to seamlessly navigate the different stages of exit
  • And much more!


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Connect with Jerome Myers:

About Our Guest:

Jerome Myers aka “J” is a developer of people and places. He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group. Through these entities, he gets to live out his childhood dreams of helping people manifest the things they imagine and create social proof that dreams should be real. Since leaving corporate America after building a 20MM division at a Fortune 550 company, J has become one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the multifamily development space. His company, The Myers Development Group, built a multi-million-dollar portfolio following the principles of Myers Methods.

Unlike other coaching programs, they will go beyond strategy, assessments, and encouragement. Jerome pioneered Holistic Transformational Life Coaching more than 15 years ago. Up until about two years ago, it was only used with his closest friends and family. They repeatedly urged him to share his techniques with others and laid the foundation for introducing his methods to the world.

Advisor Deal Lending Simplified with Dustin Mangone and Aaron Racino (Ep.16)

Advisor Deal Lending Simplified with Dustin Mangone and Aaron Racino (Ep.16)

Whether it’s M&A or succession planning, a critical challenge advisors face is navigating the lending process for equity purchases.

It’s not just about the access to capital, but also the intricacies of the deal structure!

Recognizing this struggle, David Grau Jr. sits down with Dustin Mangone and Aaron Racino from PPC Loan to simplify advisor financing. They highlight the current state of M&A and share insights into securing loans and finding a deal that aligns with your business goals.

Key Discussion Points:

  • PPC Loan’s 10+ years of experience serving the advisory lending space
  • How PPC Loan differs from a traditional bank loan
  • What loan solutions may look like for an internal succession to the next-gen
  • How to evaluate loan terms beyond interest rates (i.e., understanding the “fine print”)
  • Factors that can make or break a deal in the eyes of lenders
  • 2024 outlook for M&A trends
  • And much more!

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About Our Guests:

Dustin Mangone, as the Managing Partner and Director of the Investment Advisor Program, spends 100% of his time focused on the acquisition financing needs of investment advisors nationwide. With over 14 years of experience as a cash-flow lender, Dustin has evaluated and underwritten more than $500 million in funded loans supporting hundreds of business owners across the country who are looking to grow their business by way of acquisition. From the initial phone call to the funding of your loan, Dustin takes a hands-on approach to make sure your needs are properly met throughout the entire process.

Aaron Racino, during his time with PPC LOAN, has worked with hundreds of current and aspiring small business owners to accommodate their various business financing needs. He relies on his experience to help his clients through not only the lending process but also offers his insight and advice to clients who might be navigating an acquisition for the first time. With a background in sales, Aaron truly knows the importance of tailoring products to suit the needs of his customers and takes a hands-on approach to ensure an enjoyable experience from underwriting throughout the life of the loan.

The Future of Business Growth with Julia Sexton (Ep. 13)

The Future of Business Growth with Julia Sexton (Ep. 13)

Want to know what sets successful businesses apart? 

Join us in the latest SRG Off Script episode, where Julia Sexton, Director of Strategic Organizational Planning at Succession Resource Group, unravels the complexities of strategic organizational planning. David and Julia’s conversations offer invaluable insights for independent advisors aiming to boost their business value, growth, and sustainability.

Key Highlights:

  • Discover how nurturing talent fuels business expansion
  • Dive into the secrets of effective compensation plans that drive success
  • Uncover how the right mix of incentives can keep top talent thriving
  • Find out how intangible rewards can drive real business impact
  • Explore innovative strategies for employee motivation and engagement
  • Learn how smart vesting aligns with company growth and employee loyalty
  • Discover the transformative potential of equity plans in shaping business futures
  • And much more!


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Connect with Julia Sexton:

About Julia Sexton: 

Julia, SRG’s Director of Strategic Organizational Planning since 2023, specializes in guiding clients toward long-term success through tailored contingency and employment programs. With a comprehensive approach, she crafts individualized employee and owner compensation plans, structures equity rewards for sustained business goals, and supports growth initiatives through entity formation and M&A. Drawing on 5 years of experience as a certified business appraiser, Julia has completed over 2,000 valuations and facilitated 200+ successful mergers. Holding a CVA designation and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire, Julia is a member of NACVA. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, she enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and golden retriever, engaging in competitive CrossFit, and unwinding on the beach with a good book.

Successful M&A and Financing Strategies with Parker Finot (Ep. 12)

Successful M&A and Financing Strategies with Parker Finot (Ep. 12)

Ever wondered why some deals soar while others sputter? 

From backdoor metrics to surprising valuations, we’re spilling industry secrets.

David Grau Jr. and Parker Finot from SRG invite you to join them as they unravel the mysteries of deal-making in the financial advisory world. Dive into the hidden metrics, unexpected valuations, and behind-the-scenes dynamics that shape business transitions.

Listen in as David and Parker reveal:

  • What really separates Deal Support from Succession Planning
  • Why full sales through asset acquisition are so prevalent
  • How consulting can make or break client relationships during transitions
  • Why some peer-to-peer deals seem undervalued, while others skyrocket 20-30% above expectations
  • Why sellers stay on post-sale and the evolving dynamics of peer-to-peer deals
  • And much more!



Connect with David Grau Jr.:

About our Guest: 

Parker Finot, an M&A and Succession Plan Consultant at SRG, has nearly a decade of financial experience. He previously served as a San Diego financial advisor and was a pioneering Virtual CFO at LPL Financial. Educated at San Diego State University with a Professional Accounting Certification from UCSD Extension, Parker excels in corporate finance and business consulting.

Welcome to SRG Off Script With David Grau Jr. (Ep. 1)

Welcome to SRG Off Script With David Grau Jr. (Ep. 1)

Welcome to SRG Off Script, the podcast where experts at Succession Resource Group unpack the latest industry trends, recommendations, and observations, for independent advisors managing their own financial services practice, with no fluff and a little entertainment.

In this episode:

  • Get an exclusive look into David’s early years in the financial services industry
  • Discover how the M&A landscape has evolved over the years and what it means for your business
  • Learn how the team at Succession Planning helps clients achieve their goals and maximize their value
  • Gain valuable personal and professional insights from David on what he finds most rewarding in life
  • The critical role of planning ahead in business exits: learn how to maximize the value of your business and set yourself up for a successful exit 

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s most respected experts. Tune in now and get ready to take your financial services game to the next level!

Connect with David:

About David: 

David Grau Jr. is the founder and CEO of Succession Resource Group (SRG), a consulting firm serving independent financial advisors. . Prior to launching SRG, David was the leading M&A consultant for a well-known succession planning firm to advisors where he led and developed numerous programs for RIAs. Prior to this role, David served in the United States Navy.

David is a published author and accomplished speaker and has been interviewed and cited in dozens of publications over the last decade. He is one of the leading speakers in the financial services industry on M&A and next-gen building strategies, with over 200 presentations to his credit. In the past five years, he has spoken at a variety of the industry’s leading firms, including LPL Financial Services, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise Financial, ING, Independent Financial Group, Geneos, Swan Global, Advisor Group, Fidelity, Jackson National, Prudential, Raymond James, and regularly volunteers his time speaking for the Financial Services Institute (FSI) and FPA chapters around the country.

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Portland State University and a Master’s Degree from Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management. David, his wife Kristen, and their three children recently relocated from Portland, Oregon to Austin, Texas, and take every opportunity to connect with their new community.

Fun Facts: David enjoys spending time with his family, reading, running, is an avid wine enthusiast and developing a taste for cigars, loves traveling, and reading, he also enjoys snow and water sports and loves basketball (playing or watching). Prior to having three children and starting a business, David had a beautiful head of hair. Now he doesn’t.