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How To Elevate Your Business with CRM (Ep. 14)

How To Elevate Your Business with CRM (Ep. 14)

Ever wondered how CRM can redefine your advisory firm?

Join us on SRG Off Script, where Rick Williamson, Director of Brand Experience at Redtail/Orion Advisor Technology, brings his dynamic personality and industry expertise to explore the transformative role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in enhancing advisory business value.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The Impact of CRM Systems: Explore how CRM systems can transform business efficiency, profitability, and client relationships in the financial advisory sector
  • Effective CRM Usage for Client Relationships: Understand the crucial need for not only possessing a CRM system but also leveraging it effectively to forge strong, personalized client relationships – a key to business success
  • Standardization in Business Processes: Discover the importance of having consistent processes, especially in client onboarding and interactions, to boost efficiency and enhance client experiences
  • CRM’s Role in Compliance and Risk Management: Learn about how CRM systems like Redtail are instrumental in supporting compliance and mitigating risks, vital for preserving the integrity and value of financial advisory businesses
  • Proactive CRM Application: Gain insights into adopting a proactive approach in using CRM systems to amplify client engagement, streamline operations, and drive a firm’s success and client satisfaction
  • And much more!


Connect with David Grau Jr.:

About Rick Williamson: 

Rick Williamson, better known as Ricky Redtail, is proud to celebrate his 10th year at Redtail, where his role of Director of Training allows him to lead, as well as oversee, all training and education resources, presentations, and content. With a background peppered with stints in film production, public speaking, and working at Walt Disney World, Rick has been able to make a significant impact at both Redtail and in the FinTech industry. His experience in numerous Marketing, Media, Training, and Presentation projects makes him an exciting and entertaining voice in FinTech and Practice Management.

The Future of Business Growth with Julia Sexton (Ep. 13)

The Future of Business Growth with Julia Sexton (Ep. 13)

Want to know what sets successful businesses apart? 

Join us in the latest SRG Off Script episode, where Julia Sexton, Director of Strategic Organizational Planning at Succession Resource Group, unravels the complexities of strategic organizational planning. David and Julia’s conversations offer invaluable insights for independent advisors aiming to boost their business value, growth, and sustainability.

Key Highlights:

  • Discover how nurturing talent fuels business expansion
  • Dive into the secrets of effective compensation plans that drive success
  • Uncover how the right mix of incentives can keep top talent thriving
  • Find out how intangible rewards can drive real business impact
  • Explore innovative strategies for employee motivation and engagement
  • Learn how smart vesting aligns with company growth and employee loyalty
  • Discover the transformative potential of equity plans in shaping business futures
  • And much more!


Connect with David Grau Jr.:

Connect with Julia Sexton:

About Julia Sexton: 

Julia, SRG’s Director of Strategic Organizational Planning since 2023, specializes in guiding clients toward long-term success through tailored contingency and employment programs. With a comprehensive approach, she crafts individualized employee and owner compensation plans, structures equity rewards for sustained business goals, and supports growth initiatives through entity formation and M&A. Drawing on 5 years of experience as a certified business appraiser, Julia has completed over 2,000 valuations and facilitated 200+ successful mergers. Holding a CVA designation and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire, Julia is a member of NACVA. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, she enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and golden retriever, engaging in competitive CrossFit, and unwinding on the beach with a good book.